Lucky Cats – Sold Out!

The Lucky Cats were the first NFT set from Neko NFTs and are already sold out. You can still find packs and singles on the secondary market, however.

The maneki-neko or “beckoning cat” is a Japanese figurine which is believed to bring good luck to the owner. While it may look to Westerners as if the cat is waving, it is actually making a beckoning or inviting motion.

Our Lucky Cats are a happy clan of maneki-neko that hope to bring good luck to the owners of any Wax wallets they find themselves in. Traditionally, white is good luck, black wards off evil, red is for good health, yellow or gold is for wealth, and pink is for romance. However, our kawaii Lucky Cats hope to bring you good fortune in all walks of life.

Keep some in your wallet and gift them to your friends and loved ones to share the luck!

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There are 10 different Lucky Cats in 5 rarities, for a total of 50 unique NFTs to collect! The set is mint-on-demand and only 500 packs will be sold.

Pack Odds:

Common – Color – 60%
Uncommon – Rainbow – 30%
Rare – Foil – 7%
Legendary – Rotating – 2%
Mythic – Concept Sketch – 1%

Meet the Lucky Cats below: