Sushi Cats – Sold Out!

The second set from Neko NFTs, Sushi Cats, features kawaii kittens as sushi! Each Sushi Cat has been given a name that we feel fits its unique personality.

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Sushi Cats is the second original NFT set from Neko NFTs! There are 10 different Sushi Cats in the collection with 5 different rarities to collect, for 50 different NFTs in these packs. Be on the look out for rare Sushi Cats blends you can create as well!

Only 500 packs will be sold!

  • Common – Color – 55%
  • Uncommon – Rainbow – 30%
  • Rare – Foil – 9%
  • Legendary – Rotating – 4%
  • Mythic – Concept Sketch – 2%

5 NFTs per pack.

Meet the Sushi Cats: